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Forklift driving and Pack repacking Match



    Shanghai TingTong Logistics corporate carried out forklift driving and pack repacking match. Everyone -4136.comparticipated in match actively, which showed up team work spirit of TingTong. At same time, leader in HD had encouraged us before the match began, which showed up the employee care.


    During the forklift match, the operator overcame all barriers; we were shocked by their -80011js金沙娱城superb skills. -js99011金沙娱城

    js99011金沙娱城   3016com金沙

    During the pack repacking match, the operator completed repacking task well and quickly, their strong working abilities gave us deep impression.  -3016com金沙

Whole match process, the working abilities and working enthusiasm of operator made me know all staff of TingTong was hard working person. At same time as a team who was focus on t he team work spirit, TingTong should have a bright future.