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School and Company Cooperation




         In 16th December, 2013, CEO Mr Zhang and CFO Mr. Liang of TingTong Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd. came to visit the Shanghai Modern Logistics School (SMLS) and attended the cooperation signing ceremony. This was the second cooperation between the TingTong and SMLS, however, the scale of this cooperation grew even larger, and this was a distillation of our cooperation with the school. The purpose of this cooperation was to assist students to have access to the logistics knowledge and experiences; both domestic and international, in order to enable them have a better understanding of the logistics industry. Meanwhile, our corporation offered a favorable opportunity under the low employment season which allowed them have a one year internship in TingTong and the possibility of further employment; Tingtong is delighted to offer a path to success for SMLS students.


TingTong would send two experienced supervisor and manager, together with three professors who have logistics teaching experience of many years to the United Kingdom to have a one-week logistics studying. After the trip, the specialists could offer better teaching, and inset latest logistics ideology and management exercises for our corporation at the same time.


        Hence, although the cooperation is in progress, we believe such cooperation is a win-win activity for both our company and the school. We hope the cooperation would achieve success after one year and we could have more opportunity cooperating with academies, taking more social responsibilities-金沙娱城js3311.com.